Learn about the AutoCAD® User Interface Quickly.

Here are a few tips to make the AutoCAD User Interface more “discoverable”.
You may be just starting to learn AutoCAD, or you want to introduce a newby to AutoCAD or you have been recently stumped on AutoCAD® trivia questions at the office. You are coming from a point of reference where the terminology is unfamiliar.  Read further and get a very quick, very convenient overview of the parts of the AutoCAD User Interface (UI).

In 2010 there was a well hidden page that showed you everything in one snapshot of user interface. Learn the UI terms here in rapid fire. Just roll your mouse over the numbered items.

Open the User Interface Overview in a separate window

After that speedy overview get a quick introduction to the AutoCAD 2012 UI and more, see the Getting Started Videos on the AutoCAD Exchange Web site.