Month: June 2009

Turning OFF the border on images

Images inserted in AutoCAD have a border known as a frame. Turning this frame on and off seems fairly black and white yet there are commands and settings to control image frames so they can be on or off, front or back, plotted or not plotted in a variety of combinations. Little did we know ON/OFF was so complicated.

Creating a Polyline with Tangent Lines and Arcs

Below are the command prompts to draw a polyline with a line, arc, and line where the last line segment is tangent to the curve.  The part highlighted in Red shows where you enter L to get back to a line mode from arc mode during command execution.  Enter L again to choose the Length option at the prompt for “next point”.  At the Specify length of line: prompt either type the length at the […]

Changing the Paper Space Background Color

Have you ever wanted to change the background color in paper space?  I’m referring to the gray area outside of the paper border.  Suppose you wanted the entire background to be black, just like model space.  Here is how you can change it.   Type OPTIONS on the command line to get to the Options dialog box. Choose the Display Tab   Clear the check box next to Display paper background (This is the key to it […]

PUBLISH in 2009, Batch Plot in 2010.

The PUBLISH command, labeled Batch Plot on the Ribbon, takes on a little different look in 2010 as compared with 2009. The functions in each version appear to be identical yet I found some subtle differences. In 2010 you now have a check box to Open in viewer when done.  In 2010 the 3D DWF and Page Setup columns are separate but the 3D DWF column is inert.  The 3D part has me stumped.  In the Publish dialog there […]