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Building Offset Dimension Macro

Building Offset Dimension

Add this macro to your tool palette to automate Building Offset Labels. Name: Building Offset DimensionCommand string: ^C^C_dimaligned;end;\perp;\end;Dimension Style: Building (turns off ext lines and has precision set to 1)

Color 253 vs Transparency when plotting monochrome

CAD Standards change when a more efficient workflow is developed. NCS adopted the practice of applying color, lineweight, and linetype to the layer instead of using the plot style table to make those effects when plotting. The primary benefit is to reduce the need for plot style tables down to simply changing color to black and white. Now users need to adapt to those practices. Assigning color 253 was once a practice for fading objects. […]

Setting Default Text Size in AutoCAD

Seems like this is the one thing I overlook time and again when working in a new drawing. When I create MTEXT in a blank drawing it never comes out with the right settings on my first attempt. To solve this issue I typed TEXTSIZE on the command line to set the default text height to 0.1.  Note: This setting is stored in the drawing so it would be wise to configure your drawing template […]

CAD/BIM Technology Center A/E/C CAD Standard Update

The US National CAD Standard as implemented by the military is located at the CAD/BIM Technology Center.  It is called the A/E/C CAD Standard.  What has changed recently? Drawing Templates have been grouped together making it much more convenient to download and deploy.  The web page containing the links is date stamped 09/07/2010.  Groupings are as follows: Architectural/Structural/Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Template files (1.9 Mb ZIP)  CIVIL/SURVEY MAPPING File Templates (736.2 Kb ZIP) How to find the CAD/BIM’s NCS […]

National CAD Standard is a vital component of the National BIM Standard

As the National Building Information Model Standard (NBIMS) takes shape the National CAD Standard (NCS) has been included in the discussion. NCS plays an important role in the BIM process. Simply stated, the NCS addresses paper-centric drafting as a means of producing design and construction drawings. NBIMS sets standards for typical processes and computer-based exchanges of information employed during the conception, creation, and operation of facilities. Since design and construction drawings, as well as computer-based […]