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Autodesk Design Review Tips

Design Review Tips is a compilation of useful workflow tips. This post also includes explanations of how things work as well as problems to avoid. See the previous post titled Design Review for NON-CAD Users to get an introduction to the Design Review workflow.

Building Offset Dimension Macro

Building Offset Dimension

Add this macro to your tool palette to automate Building Offset Labels. Name: Building Offset DimensionCommand string: ^C^C_dimaligned;end;\perp;\end;Dimension Style: Building (turns off ext lines and has precision set to 1)

Creating a Symbols Legend in AutoCAD

I assume you are familiar with the technique of creating a table in AutoCAD using an Excel spreadsheet to copy the range in Excel then PASTESPEC in AutoCAD. What may be frustrating is getting AutoCAD to match the font of what you have chosen to use in Excel. I want to use the Simplex font in AutoCAD but Excel always sends Calibri font to the clipboard no matter how the cell appears to be formatted […]

Design Review for NON-CAD Users

Markups on a drawing tell the CAD Tech what changes are needed. Use Design Review to markup drawings and simultaneously create a digital checklist for the CAD Tech. Plotting drawings then scribbling notes on a hardcopy is still a common practice but expensive. Problems and expenses as a result of this manual process can be avoided using Design Review.

Editing DTEXT on the Command Line

Sometimes the in-place text editor in AutoCAD is not the best choice for editing text.  Case in point, a customer uses AutoCAD on a job site and the glare makes it harder to read the text when it is inside the in-place text editor.  To enable text editing on the command line change the system variable TEXTED from 2 to 1.

Setting Default Text Size in AutoCAD

Seems like this is the one thing I overlook time and again when working in a new drawing. When I create MTEXT in a blank drawing it never comes out with the right settings on my first attempt. To solve this issue I typed TEXTSIZE on the command line to set the default text height to 0.1.  Note: This setting is stored in the drawing so it would be wise to configure your drawing template […]

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