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AutoCAD specific features

Creating a Symbols Legend in AutoCAD

I assume you are familiar with the technique of creating a table in AutoCAD using an Excel spreadsheet to copy the range in Excel then PASTESPEC in AutoCAD. What may be frustrating is getting AutoCAD to match the font of what you have chosen to use in Excel. I want to use the Simplex font in AutoCAD but Excel always sends Calibri font to the clipboard no matter how the cell appears to be formatted […]

Editing DTEXT on the Command Line

Sometimes the in-place text editor in AutoCAD is not the best choice for editing text.  Case in point, a customer uses AutoCAD on a job site and the glare makes it harder to read the text when it is inside the in-place text editor.  To enable text editing on the command line change the system variable TEXTED from 2 to 1.

Object Enablers* are built into AutoCAD 2012

According to a post (5/26/2011) I read in the AutoCAD LT Discussion Group Object Enablers for AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP are now built into AutoCAD 2012.  This info was posted by Kate Morrical, AutoCAD LT Technical Marketing Manager, Autodesk, Inc. *Some Object Enablers are build-in.  Visit http://www.Autodesk.com/oe to get a complete list of available object enablers.

Learn about the AutoCAD® User Interface Quickly.

Here are a few tips to make the AutoCAD User Interface more “discoverable”. You may be just starting to learn AutoCAD, or you want to introduce a newby to AutoCAD or you have been recently stumped on AutoCAD® trivia questions at the office. You are coming from a point of reference where the terminology is unfamiliar.  Read further and get a very quick, very convenient overview of the parts of the AutoCAD User Interface (UI).

Elevation Views Using the Camera and Clip Front and Back

Lets say you have created a model in AutoCAD. You may even have a point cloud in your drawing. Now you want to display a thin slice through the model. Use the Camera command in AutoCAD and apply clipping planes front and back.  In this example I overlaid 2 viewports.  One viewport contains the tank and grid lines.  The other viewport contains just the point cloud with a named view created using a camera object and […]

Switch between open drawings

Switching between open drawings can be made easier if they are displayed side-by-side (tiled). This tip shows you how to make the Tile Vertically command appear on the Quick Access Toolbar in AutoCAD 2010.