VBA Support in AutoCAD 2011

VBA or Visual Basic for Applications is not included in AutoCAD 2011.  You can still download and install VBA on AutoCAD 2011 but it takes a few steps.

From the AutoCAD Readme file.  Microsoft VBA is available for free download at http://www.autodesk.com/vba-download. Autodesk is transitioning from VBA technology to VSTA and .NET support. This transition will occur over several years. During this time, Autodesk will provide documentation and other assistance to help customers and developers migrate from VBA to this new automation technology. VBA will be fully supported in Autodesk products, including and -based products. Once VBA is installed, your existing VBA-based applications should run as in previous releases of AutoCAD.

For more information, see the “Installation, Configuration and Hardware” section in the AutoCAD 2011 Readme.