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How to Add Custom Color Books to ShastaCAD 6.0

Have you ever wanted a convenient way to reuse a combination of custom colors in ShastaCAD? This article describes how to download and install the Autodesk Color Book Editor. Use the Color Book Editor to create custom Color Books. Save time looking for that color combination you used on a previous job. Now you can setup ShastaCAD to contain a library of color books.

Search your own tips from AutoCAD’s search bar

Below is a combination of good and bad things about AutoCAD’s Search bar for help.    The Search Bar in AutoCAD’s title bar can be customized to include your own library of tips and tricks and other documents you may have accumulated.  The less than convenient limitation is you must link each file individually. You can also add a link to an RSS Feed through the Communication Center.  The disappointing limitation is RSS Feeds are not searchable from the Search Bar in AutoCAD. Clear the “Hide results older than..” check […]

AutoCAD 2010 – no toolbars displayed

In most recent version of AutoCAD when a toolbar is visible it is easy to control which toolbars are displayed. 1. Right clicking on any toolbar that is visible displays a list of toolbars for that menu group. 2. Right clicking on a blank area of the screen where you can dock a  toolbar and you get a list of all the Menu Groups. Simply pick a toolbar from within one of the menu groups listed.  All very […]

National CAD Standard is a vital component of the National BIM Standard

As the National Building Information Model Standard (NBIMS) takes shape the National CAD Standard (NCS) has been included in the discussion. NCS plays an important role in the BIM process. Simply stated, the NCS addresses paper-centric drafting as a means of producing design and construction drawings. NBIMS sets standards for typical processes and computer-based exchanges of information employed during the conception, creation, and operation of facilities. Since design and construction drawings, as well as computer-based […]

Switch between open drawings

Switching between open drawings can be made easier if they are displayed side-by-side (tiled). This tip shows you how to make the Tile Vertically command appear on the Quick Access Toolbar in AutoCAD 2010.

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