AutoCAD 2010 – no toolbars displayed

notoobar-ribbonIn most recent version of AutoCAD when a toolbar is visible it is easy to control which toolbars are displayed.

1. Right clicking on any toolbar that is visible displays a list of toolbars for that menu group.

2. Right clicking on a blank area of the screen where you can dock a  toolbar and you get a list of all the Menu Groups. Simply pick a toolbar from within one of the menu groups listed. 

All very quick and easy to do when either of those conditions exist. Now you open AutoCAD 2010 set to the 2D Drafting and Annotation workspace. No toolbars are open and no dockable areas are visible to right click on.  Now what do you do?

My quickest answer is to type the following on the command line

Command: -toolbar
Enter toolbar name or [ALL]: standard

Enter an option [Show/Hide/Left/Right/Top/Bottom/Float] <Show>: [Hit Enter]

Now you have the standard toolbar open and docked just below the Ribbon. Follow the choices you have in either step 1 or step 2 above to get to the toolbar you want to display.