Using your drawing template to create drawings

This post is for people new to drawing templates.  You have created a custom drawing template by creating a new drawing.  You added your title block and border to a layout.  How do you use this template to create new drawings?

As a matter of good file management practice save this new drawing file in a folder where you will keep your CAD Standard files.  Rename the file to give it a .dwt file extension.  (DWT is the file extension used by AutoCAD to indicate it is a drawing template.)  Follow these steps below to configure AutoCAD to automatically use your drawing template.

  1. Type OPTIONS on the command line.
  2. Click on the Files tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Template Settings and pick the +
  4. Pick the + next to Default Template File Name for QNEW
  5. Highlight the path and filename then choose the big Browse button on the right.
  6. Browse to your drawing template, select it, and choose OPEN.
  7. Apply and OK to close the Options dialog and go back to the command prompt.

When you start AutoCAD Drawing1.dwg will automatically be created using your drawing template.  To create a new drawing simply type QNEW on the command line.