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Setting Default Text Size in AutoCAD

Seems like this is the one thing I overlook time and again when working in a new drawing. When I create MTEXT in a blank drawing it never comes out with the right settings on my first attempt. To solve this issue I typed TEXTSIZE on the command line to set the default text height to 0.1.  Note: This setting is stored in the drawing so it would be wise to configure your drawing template […]

Switch between open drawings

Switching between open drawings can be made easier if they are displayed side-by-side (tiled). This tip shows you how to make the Tile Vertically command appear on the Quick Access Toolbar in AutoCAD 2010.

PUBLISH in 2009, Batch Plot in 2010.

The PUBLISH command, labeled Batch Plot on the Ribbon, takes on a little different look in 2010 as compared with 2009. The functions in each version appear to be identical yet I found some subtle differences. In 2010 you now have a check box to Open in viewer when done.  In 2010 the 3D DWF and Page Setup columns are separate but the 3D DWF column is inert.  The 3D part has me stumped.  In the Publish dialog there […]