Why you need Named Page Setups in your drawing template

Named Page Setups are a way to preconfigure your plot settings, matching this sheet size with that plot device to produce consistent repeatable output.

 You can preconfigure a layout for a specific paper size and plot device in Page Setup Manager.  Named Page Setups are a way to store and recall all your plot settings for a particular plot device making it easier to reuse the settings on another layout or import them to another drawing. Preconfiguring a drawing template with named page setups is a key ingredient in your CAD Standard. 
Here is a 3 min. video on how to create a named page setup.

Click HERE to view a document to help you develop a list of Page Setups you will need in your CAD Standard.

The Publish (or batch plot) command and Sheet Set Manager both make use of Named Page Setups.

 Here is a 6min. video that explains the pupose and use of Page Setups in the context of Sheet Set Manager.