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Color 253 vs Transparency when plotting monochrome

CAD Standards change when a more efficient workflow is developed. NCS adopted the practice of applying color, lineweight, and linetype to the layer instead of using the plot style table to make those effects when plotting. The primary benefit is to reduce the need for plot style tables down to simply changing color to black and white. Now users need to adapt to those practices. Assigning color 253 was once a practice for fading objects. […]

Design Review for NON-CAD Users

How do you break away from the inefficient workflow of printing hardcopies of a drawing and using a highlighter to markup revisions? You want to take this process into the digital age but how? You have engineers and surveyors who have years of experience but not much experience with AutoCAD. Using Autodesk Design Review® and Autodesk DWG TruView®, both are free programs from Autodesk, you can markup drawings and create digital checklists. The design review […]

PUBLISH in 2009, Batch Plot in 2010.

The PUBLISH command, labeled Batch Plot on the Ribbon, takes on a little different look in 2010 as compared with 2009. The functions in each version appear to be identical yet I found some subtle differences. In 2010 you now have a check box to Open in viewer when done.  In 2010 the 3D DWF and Page Setup columns are separate but the 3D DWF column is inert.  The 3D part has me stumped.  In the Publish dialog there […]