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Learn about the AutoCAD® User Interface Quickly.

Here are a few tips to make the AutoCAD User Interface more “discoverable”. You may be just starting to learn AutoCAD, or you want to introduce a newby to AutoCAD or you have been recently stumped on AutoCAD® trivia questions at the office. You are coming from a point of reference where the terminology is unfamiliar.  Read further and get a very quick, very convenient overview of the parts of the AutoCAD User Interface (UI).

Become visible and valuable or starve to death

Yearning for the days when work was falling from the sky into your lap?  The new “normal” is a lean organization that has cut costs to the bone.  Businesses that continue to provide the same services that are no longer in demand are starving to death.  Reinventing your business is easy to say but what does it really mean?  I’ve found that many successful people are good at saying “NO”.  Its what they refuse to do […]

Elevation Views Using the Camera and Clip Front and Back

Lets say you have created a model in AutoCAD. You may even have a point cloud in your drawing. Now you want to display a thin slice through the model. Use the Camera command in AutoCAD and apply clipping planes front and back.  In this example I overlaid 2 viewports.  One viewport contains the tank and grid lines.  The other viewport contains just the point cloud with a named view created using a camera object and […]

CAD/BIM Technology Center A/E/C CAD Standard Update

The US National CAD Standard as implemented by the military is located at the CAD/BIM Technology Center.  It is called the A/E/C CAD Standard.  What has changed recently? Drawing Templates have been grouped together making it much more convenient to download and deploy.  The web page containing the links is date stamped 09/07/2010.  Groupings are as follows: Architectural/Structural/Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Template files (1.9 Mb ZIP)  CIVIL/SURVEY MAPPING File Templates (736.2 Kb ZIP) How to find the CAD/BIM’s NCS […]

How to Add Custom Color Books to ShastaCAD 6.0

Have you ever wanted a convenient way to reuse a combination of custom colors in ShastaCAD? This article describes how to download and install the Autodesk Color Book Editor. Use the Color Book Editor to create custom Color Books. Save time looking for that color combination you used on a previous job. Now you can setup ShastaCAD to contain a library of color books.

Search your own tips from AutoCAD’s search bar

Below is a combination of good and bad things about AutoCAD’s Search bar for help.    The Search Bar in AutoCAD’s title bar can be customized to include your own library of tips and tricks and other documents you may have accumulated.  The less than convenient limitation is you must link each file individually. You can also add a link to an RSS Feed through the Communication Center.  The disappointing limitation is RSS Feeds are not searchable from the Search Bar in AutoCAD. Clear the “Hide results older than..” check […]

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