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How to Add Custom Color Books to ShastaCAD 6.0

Have you ever wanted a convenient way to reuse a combination of custom colors in ShastaCAD? This article describes how to download and install the Autodesk Color Book Editor. Use the Color Book Editor to create custom Color Books. Save time looking for that color combination you used on a previous job. Now you can setup ShastaCAD to contain a library of color books.

How to Install the Autodesk Color Book Editor

1. Follow this link to download the Autodesk Color Book
Editor from the Autodesk web site. (The link opens a separate page so you can keep this page handy to jump right back into the procedure when you are done downloading the files.)

The Autodesk web page will display the following information:

Autodesk Color Book Editor
Published date: 2004-12-03
ID: DL404041 

The Autodesk® Color Book Editor allows you to create “user-defined” or custom color books. Each custom color book contains a set of pages, and each page contains a set of “user-named” colors. You can apply your custom color book colors to objects in your drawings by using the Color Book tab in the Select Color dialog box. Read the Color Book Editor Help file to learn how to use this utility.

Note: You cannot customize Pantone® or RAL® color books.

2. Download the following files:



3. Double click the ACBEditor.exe file to install the Color Book Editor.

How to Create a Custom Color Book

 Start the Color Book Editor by clicking Start > Programs > Autodesk > Autodesk ACBEditor > ACBEditor


Use the Autodesk Color Book Editor to create a custom color book. Use the help file that comes with the Color Book Editor if needed.

Below is an example of what you can create using the Autodesk Color Book Editor.


From the Color Book Editor choose the Save as button and save the new color book file to
C:Program FilesShastaCAD 6.0Supportcolor. Make sure this file has an .acb file extension.

Close the Color Book Editor and start ShastaCAD.


Several commands in ShastaCAD provide access to the Select Color dialog box. The Hatch command is just one of them. You will find your Color Book on the Color Books tab of the Select Color dialog box.


This Article was written by Brian Morse.

Updated 11-06-2005.