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PUBLISH in 2009, Batch Plot in 2010.

publish09vs10The PUBLISH command, labeled Batch Plot on the Ribbon, takes on a little different look in 2010 as compared with 2009. The functions in each version appear to be identical yet I found some subtle differences. In 2010 you now have a check box to Open in viewer when done

In 2010 the 3D DWF and Page Setup columns are separate but the 3D DWF column is inert.  The 3D part has me stumped.  In the Publish dialog there are no page setups in the drop down list for Publishing to a 3D DWF format yet the tool tip leads me to believe I have that option.  The only way I can get a 3D DWF is to use the Application Menu > Export > Other Formats command or by clicking Application Menu > Publish > 3D DWF . 

Typically when I’m producing 3D DWFs it is a separate process from publishing a set of plans so creating 3D DWFs through the Publish dialog is not a high priority.  I did not pick up any real productivity improvements from all this redecorating in the Publish dialog.  I hope someone can point out what I’ve missed.

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